Tea is Brewing

oldsouthTrip: This Two site Hostorical field trip to Faneuil Hall and Old South Meeting House is presented to you by Kristen Callina, founder of ‘Outside the Box Homeschoolers’ If you have any further questions you can reach her here. This activity requires a minimum of 10 students to book, we have no maximum number of students for this trip.

Description: Tea is Brewing: Two-site visit includes Faneuil Hall and Old South Meeting House (2 Hour version) Experience the meeting that protested a tax… and sparked a Revolution with the Boston Tea Party! At historic Faneuil Hall, students are introduced to the tradition of New England town meetings. At Old South Meeting House, students bring this pivotal moment in history to life by taking on the roles of Patriots and Loyalists and recreating the fiery tea tax debates of 1773 in the very hall where they took place.

Date/Time/Location: Wednesday April 9,  2:00, Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108

Price: Cost for both programs: $10.60 per student. (class fee + Paypal fees)

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Age: This activity is geared towards grades 3 and up . If you would like to view the covered materials to see if they are appropriate for your children you can find that information here

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