Lego Chemistry (Chemistry) 11+

lego chemClass: Lego Chemistry (Chemistry) 11+ – For this hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We have a maximum of 12 seats in this class.

Description: This activity is appropriate for children ages 11 and up. Some previous study of chemistry, including atoms and elements is welcomed. An understanding of safe lab procedures is also preferable.

LEGO® Chemistry starts with students doing a wet lab in a bag. The lab is from the GEMS guide “Chemical Reactions”, which uses some fairly common materials for some very uncommon reactions. Students work through combinations of all or some of the materials to determine which were responsible for particular reactions. We go over proper lab procedure for a chemistry experiment, although not lab write-up.

We next go over some vocabulary pertinent to chemistry, and chemical reactions. It is at this time that we explain that each LEGO brick represents one atom, and that different color LEGO bricks represent different elements. We discuss molecules, mixtures and compounds. Students practice writing chemical formulas (although not equations). Finally, using the LEGO bricks, students will model the original chemical reaction that we worked through.

Date/Time/Location:  I have scheduled this class for Monday May 11, 2015  10:00am – 1:00pm, MIT Edgerton Center – 77 Mass Ave. Room 4-402

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Lego Chem
Lego Chem
Price: $5.00

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Age: This activity is appropriate for students aged 11 and up. Children must be able to function in the classroom independently. The size of the classroom does not allow for parents to remain in the room during class. You are, however,  welcome to wait in the hall outside the classroom if you need to be immediately available for your children. In addition there are also plenty of interns available to help the kids through the activities.

Wondering who else is going? You can find that information on the facebook event page here

Travel Tips: Parking options, you may reserve parking beforehand to know you have a spot for $22. The MIT Visitors lot is $22 but small and not guaranteed. Also available is metered parking which is obviously first come first serve. I have been told that you will be ticketed if you park at a meter for more than two hours, after two hours you need to change spaces.

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