Hello Holography! (middle and high school)

holography Class: Hello Holography! (Optics & Photography) Grades 6+

Description:Students experiment with light and perception to investigate the basic principles behind real-world holography. Through a series of demonstrations and hands-on activities, students will learn how holograms are made and viewed. The properties and behavior of light waves will also be discussed, from reflection (middle school focus) to diffraction and interference (high school students only). This workshop includes a guided tour of the Museum’s holography gallery. You can find out more information on the Museums Holography Collection here

Date: Monday, September 8, 2014

Time: 2:00 – 3:30

Location:   MIT Museum -Building N51   265 Massachusetts Avenue   Cambridge, MA 02139

Price: $12.00 + $0.67  paypal fees.

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Travel Tips: Parking options, you may reserve parking beforehand to know you have a spot for $20. The lot nearby is $20 but small and not guaranteed. Also available is metered parking which is obviously first come first serve. I have been told that you will be ticketed if you park at a meter for more than two hours, after two hours you need to change spaces.

Materials Needed: none

Helpful Information: A Glossary of Holography Terms can be found here. Information on the History of the Museum of Holography can be found here.  General Information on the Holography Collection at the Museum can be found here

Age: This activity is appropriate for grades 6-10, the MIT museum does not teach classes to children before 6th grade. Children are expected to have skills equivalent to this grade level.

Additional Activities: I have scheduled an Edgerton Explorations class at the Edgerton Center. It will be scheduled from 10:00 am -1:00 pm the same day as this class. Once I confirm the date, you can sign up for that class here. (Amy is out of the office for most of August so the confirmation of this Edgerton class is going to be last minute at best.)

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