Edgerton Explorations (Optics & Photography)

Rain DropClassEdgerton Explorations (Optics & Photography) ages 8+

Description: The class experiments with some of the technology that Doc often used in the lab. There is a High Speed Video camera that records 2500 images in 2.5 seconds, and a digital camera plus strobe light system that can take MultiFlash pictures. Students design and take photographs (all of which will be shared with the teacher). The Spinning Discs are also used to illuminate how strobe lighting affects how we see things.

Date:  Monday, November, 30, 2015

Time: 10:00 – 1:00

Location: MIT Edgerton Center – 77 Mass Ave. Cambridge, Room 4-402

Price: $5.00

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Edgerton Explorations
Edgerton Explorations
Admission for one student aged 8+ to the Edgerton Explorations class on Monday, November, 30, 2015 at the MIT Edgerton Center
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Travel Tips: Visitor parking in the MIT-Kresge parking lot is limited. Permits can be purchased for $24.00 by completing and submitting the PDF form at least five days in advance. The other MIT Visitors lots rates are varied. Also available is metered parking which is obviously first come first serve. I have been told that you will be ticketed if you park at a meter for more than two hours, after two hours you need to change spaces.

Materials Needed: none

Age: This activity is appropriate for all ages, however we have geared it towards children ages 8 and up. Children must be able to function in the classroom independently. The size of the classroom does not allow for parents to remain in the room during class. You are, however,  welcome to wait at cafe 4 down the the hall. Although some parents prefer to wait outside the classroom in the hall, and I completely understand the need to be immediately available for your children, noise has been a concern in the past. I ask that if you feel you need to wait close by you please take into consideration the other classrooms in the school. Also there are always plenty of friendly interns available to help the kids through the activities.

Wondering who else is going? Join the discussion here I will also be posting the completed photos from the class on this event page afterwards.

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