deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park Gallery Tour

Ozymandias_2009_Douglas_Kornfeld_Artist Class: deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park Gallery Tour

Description: I have booked a 45 minute guided museum tour for up to up to 65 people (40 students & 25 chaperons)  This also includes a self guided time to wander the sculpture park after the tour, they have Audio & Maps available for this purpose.

Date/Time/Location: This tour is scheduled for Friday November 14, 2014  at 11:00 am, at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum 51 Sandy Pond Rd, Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773

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Price: $10.61 per student. $10.61 per chaperon.

deCordova Museum
deCordova Museum
Admission for one person, (student or adult)

There are 0 spots remaining on this trip.

Age: the tour itself is geared towards upper elementary & middle school ages, but all ages are welcome to attend.

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