Crime Scene Investigation: MIT

csiMITClassCrime Scene Investigation: MIT – Grades 5+. This hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center, is limited to a Maximum of 16 students.

Description: This activity is designed for grades 5 and up. Independent reading is required. Due to the nature of the explorations, we must limit the group size to 16 children or less. In this activity, students are introduced to forensics. Crime Scene Investigation: MIT presents the students with an unsolved case and a set of evidence. Students work in groups examining the different clues to eliminate the suspects until they discover the identity of the culprit.

Tests the students will run include:

* chromatography

* fingerprinting

* blood typing (not real blood, of course)

* using a microscope to analyze and compare hair and fiber samples

Date/Time/Location: This class is scheduled for Monday, December 15, 2014  from 10:00 – 1:00, at the MIT Edgerton Center – 77 Mass Ave. Room 4-402

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Seats Remaining in this class: 0

Price: $5.00

Age: Grades 5+

If you would like to join the discussion on our facebook group you can find it here

Travel Tips: Parking options, you may reserve parking beforehand to know you have a spot for $20. The MIT Visitors lot is $22 but small and not guaranteed. Also available is metered parking which is obviously first come first serve. I have been told that you will be ticketed if you park at a meter for more than two hours, after two hours you need to change spaces.


  1. Hello!
    What do you mean by “Independent Reading is required” for this trip?

    Please advise…

    • What I mean is that the student must be able to read the materials given in class independently, without assistance. As this class is for Grades 5+, I didn’t think this to be too much of an issue.

  2. I would like to sign up my son for this event.

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