Plasma Science and Fusion Center Tour (middle school or high school)

Alcator_C-Mod_interior_from_A-PortcropTour: Lab Tour: Plasma Science and Fusion Center. This tour is available for  a maximum of 25 people.

Description: This activity is appropriate for children ages 11 and up.   The PSFC is dedicated to teaching science through direct experience, whether it is addressing students, political representatives or the general public. To illustrate scientific and engineering principles, graduate students at the Center have helped create hands-on educational tools, including a plasma demonstration device and an interactive tokamak video game. Through such demonstrations and tours of working experiments, MIT students and staff share the excitement of plasma research.

Altll MIT Labs require anyone entering to wear closed toe shoes and have their legs completely covered. i.e no sandals and shorts or short skirts without some sort of leggings.

Tours of the PSFC are recommended for students in middle school or high school, and typically include an overview about plasma and fusion, as well as a tour of MIT’s fusion experiment, the Alcator C-Mod tokamak

Date: Wednesday November 16

Time: 11:00 am

Location: MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center Library
167 Albany Street, NW16-153, Cambridge, MA 02139

Price: $5.00 includes registration fee


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This ticket is to admit one to the presentation at the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center Library and the tour of MIT's fusion experiment, the Alcator C-Mod tokamak on Wednesday November 16th at 1:00 am
Available Qty: 12

Seats Remaining in this class: 12

Age: Tours of the PSFC are recommended for students in middle school or high school. Children must be able to function independently and act respectfully. The size of the labs does not usually allow for parents to accompany the children on the tour portion. (Although sometimes we get lucky!) There is plenty or room in the presentation area to join in and wait during the tour.

Wondering who else is going? You can find that information on the facebook event page here

Travel Tips: Visitor parking in the MIT-Kresge parking lot is limited. Permits can be purchased for $26.00 by completing and submitting the PDF form at least five days in advance. The other MIT Visitors lots rates are varied. Also available is metered parking which is obviously first come first serve. I have been told that you will be ticketed if you park at a meter for more than two hours, after two hours you need to change spaces.

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