TBD Program Garden in the woods – ALL AGES

Tour: TBD - at Garden in the Woods All Ages Description:  Children’s tours follow trails into the natural woodlands of the Garden. The goal is to immerse children in a natural setting, teach some simple ecological concepts, and help to foster a sense of caring and stewardship for the environment. elementary school, middle school, and High School groups explore the natural woodland, brook areas, and Lost Pond and participate in hands-on activities appropriate to the students' age levels. I plan to book a ... Read More

Koch Institute laboratories program Fault in Our Cells plus Lab Tour for grades 7-12

Class & Tour: Fault in Our Cells plus Lab Tour: Tours of Koch Institute laboratories led by cancer researchers (for students ages 12 and older) This advanced activity is available for  a maximum of 25 people. Description: Cells in tumors mutate very quickly as they grow and divide, creating a tumor with multiple populations of different cells. In this 50-minute lesson students will learn how these mutations can result in tumor heterogeneity and make tumors more sensitive or resistant to chemotherapy ... Read More