Lego Chemistry (Chemistry) 11+

Class: Lego Chemistry (Chemistry) 11+ - For this hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We have a maximum of 12 seats in this class. Description: This activity is appropriate for children ages 11 and up. Some previous study of chemistry, including atoms and elements is welcomed. An understanding of safe lab procedures is also preferable. LEGO® Chemistry starts with students doing a wet lab in a bag. The lab is from the GEMS guide "Chemical Reactions", which uses some fairly common materials for ... Read More

Quizboards (Electrical Engineering) 9+

Class: Quizboards (Electrical Engineering) Age 9+. Hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We need a Minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 24 for this class. Description: In this activity, students are introduced to the concepts of open and closed circuits and electrical components such as wire, resistors, LED's and a battery so that they can build their very own quizboard. After designing the quiz questions themselves, students learn how to cut and strip wire and make electronic connections. Then, ... Read More

Fish ‘n’ Ships (middle and high school)

Nature Inspired Engineering & Propulsion: Fish 'n' Ships (middle and high school) Grades 6+ Description: Fish 'n' Ships (middle and high school) Students design, build, and test mechanisms for ship propulsion in this introduction to nature-inspired engineering at MIT. This workshop features examples from MIT research labs and the Museum's Hart Nautical collection and a mini-tour of the Museum's Robots & Beyond gallery.. I need a minimum of 15 students to run this class. Chaperon Policy: Only 3 parents ... Read More

Structural Engineering: Building Better Bridges – Rescheduled

Structural Engineering: Building Better Bridges (middle and high school) Grades 6+ Description: Structural Engineering: Building Better Bridges (recommended for middle school) Find out just how strong a piece of paper can be, bridge distances you'd never think possible, and see the simple geometry at the root of the longest bridges in the world in this active workshop on structural engineering. Students learn how structures stand up and work in teams to design and build bridges using recycled materials. Examples ... Read More

Robotics Engineering: Programming Mindstorms (middle and high school)

 Class: Robotics Engineering: Programming Mindstorms (middle and high school) Grades 6+ Description: Explore what makes a robot tick in this introduction to programming robots. Students use the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and NXT-G Programming Environment to get robots sensing, thinking, and moving about. This workshop includes an introduction to artificial intelligence research at MIT and a guided tour of the Robots and Beyond gallery. We need a minimum of 13 students and can have a maximum of  25. Students who take ... Read More