Lego Car Rally ( Mechanical Engineering) K-3

Class: Lego Car Rally ( Mechanical Engineering) - For the younger crowd K-3. Hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We need a Minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 24 for this class. Description: In LEGO Car Rally students are challenged to build cars from LEGO bricks that are tested on a ramp course to see how far they will travel, and on a "Tiltboard" to demonstrate their Center of Gravity. In the activity students are encouraged to: systematically alter variables as they modify their cars, ... Read More

Mapparium Tour All Ages!

Class: Mapparium Tour ALL AGES- For this tour at The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity. We need a Minimum of 15 people registered ages 6 and up. Description: This world-famous, three-story, stained-glass globe — one of the key attractions at the Library. The Mapparium’s three-dimensional perspective of the world of 1935 is enhanced by A World of Ideas, an original presentation that features a rich orchestration of words, music, and LED lights to illustrate how ideas have traversed time and ... Read More

Save the Penguins (thermodynamic principles) 11+

Class: Save the Penguins ages 11+ For this hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We need a Minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 20. Description: Being too hot or too cold is something every student experiences at a young age, and they sometimes develop misconceptions of heat, temperature, and heat transfer. One common misconception is that cold is a substance that moves. Save the Penguins uses hands-on engineering activities that allow students to create their own knowledge of thermodynamic ... Read More

Edgerton Explorations (Optics & Photography)

Class: Edgerton Explorations (Optics & Photography) ages 8+ Description: The class experiments with some of the technology that Doc often used in the lab. There is a High Speed Video camera that records 2500 images in 2.5 seconds, and a digital camera plus strobe light system that can take MultiFlash pictures. Students design and take photographs (all of which will be shared with the teacher). The Spinning Discs are also used to illuminate how strobe lighting affects how we see things. Date:  Monday, ... Read More

Juggling Snow – rescheduled classes

Yes, It's going on everywhere. I'm sure it is no surprise that we too will be juggling the dates of our offerings. Due to record snowfall amounts this month we have had to reschedule some of our offerings. This is what I have been able to successfully reschedule so far. For classes I am unable to reschedule by the end of the week I will refund the course fees on Friday. Laser Mazes (Optics) 11+ has been rescheduled to Thursday April 23, 2015 10:00am – 1:00pm Structural Engineering: Building Better ... Read More