Grungy Groundwater

Class: Grungy Groundwater ages 10+ Description: 10 years and up. This activity is appropriate for children studying environmental conditions that involve aquifers and wells, and the issues of pollution. Students first observe how water and contaminants, represented by a groundwater dye, flow through different soils. Then, using provided scenarios, they create a groundwater model using a variety of soils in a plexiglass shell. Students contaminate their model—simulating road salt, fertilizer runoff, buried waste, ... Read More

Laser Mazes (Optics) 11+

Class: Laser Mazes (Optics) 11+ - For this hands-on outreach class at the MIT Edgerton Center. We need a Minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 24. Description: This class is appropriate for students ages 11 and up. A previous understanding of protractors, angles and degrees is preferable. In this activity teams of students are challenged to direct a beam of laser light through a maze using mirrors. Students begin by experimenting with mirrors to cause the laser light to "hit" a bullseye. They then review ... Read More

Koch Institute laboratories Cancer Research Mini-Course for – middle & high school

 Class: Koch Institute laboratories Cancer Research Mini-Course for middle & high school Description:  This 90 minute class is available for  a maximum of 25 people. This is a brand new course offered this year at KOCH and is a good overview, suitable for multiple ages and backgrounds. The class includes an overview of cancer cell division, looking at slides through microscopes, and some pipetting. It also includes Presentations from various labs and hands on activities. In this Cancer research mini-course ... Read More

TBD Program Garden in the woods – ALL AGES

Tour: TBD - at Garden in the Woods All Ages Description:  Children’s tours follow trails into the natural woodlands of the Garden. The goal is to immerse children in a natural setting, teach some simple ecological concepts, and help to foster a sense of caring and stewardship for the environment. elementary school, middle school, and High School groups explore the natural woodland, brook areas, and Lost Pond and participate in hands-on activities appropriate to the students' age levels. I plan to book a ... Read More

Koch Institute laboratories program Fault in Our Cells plus Lab Tour for grades 7-12

Class & Tour: Fault in Our Cells plus Lab Tour: Tours of Koch Institute laboratories led by cancer researchers (for students ages 12 and older) This advanced activity is available for  a maximum of 25 people. Description: Cells in tumors mutate very quickly as they grow and divide, creating a tumor with multiple populations of different cells. In this 50-minute lesson students will learn how these mutations can result in tumor heterogeneity and make tumors more sensitive or resistant to chemotherapy ... Read More