About Us

MITVillage STEAM brings unique field trip opportunities to you!

Every New England Homeschooler will have the chance to go to the Childrens Museum or the Boston Science Museum at some point. But how many of those children will have the opportunity to feel their hair stand on end from a plasma generator? Or stand in a lab where replacement body parts are grown and ask questions? How many will get the chance to drive a five million dollar military robot? Not to mention sharing these awe-inspiring experiences with a couple dozen of their homeschool peers. This is where Village Steam stands apart…

We organize trips that offer powerful learning experiences in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Village Steam History

Village STEAM really started, well, by accident. My husband and I were taking our boys to a lot of really interesting places. By simply asking, “Hey what are you doing? Can we watch?” we were able to have all kinds of amazing experiences.

It wasn’t long before our homeschooling friends wanted in on the action. I set up a field trip to a really neat place, reserving 25 slots. I must admit that this first time around, I was terrified that I wouldn’t actually fill those slots! I decided to post the opportunity on our Homeschool Village page, and was astounded by the results. Not only did all 25 seats fill, people starting asking for more! This little website was born from that need.